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We’re all aware how important nutrition is in the prevention and treatment of disease, especially those where poor, overindulgent diets and food toxins are a factor.

What you may not know is that the protein shakes designed to support your health are as loaded with sugar, fats, chemicals and biologically inert “nutrients” as the diet you’re trying to improve. This is wrong on
so many levels.

Take a look at the ingredient labels of so-called “nutrition shakes”. They read like laundry list of risk factors associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer and other serious conditions.

That’s why Millenium Blend is more than a fancy new label on this same outdated, ineffective thinking. A quantum leap in quality and performance, it’s nothing less than a complete reinvention of what nutrition drinks are and can do for the body.

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MB Products and PCEC Board Member Dr. Nelson Stone participated in free Prostate Cancer Screenings at over 500 clinics nationwide. 10% of proceeds from Millenium Blend sales were donated to this worthy cause.
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